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March 2001: Speedway Illustrated

Kluhsman (R.R. 1, Box 68A, Lockwood, MO 65682, 800-814-5745) has created a new device to quickly mount and inflate tires to accurately and rapidly measure stagger or to check for leaks. A flick of the wrist removes a locking arm and top plate so the tire can be mounted in less than two seconds. Then the tire can be inflated on the Kluhsman device, which is adjustable for wheel size, and tire diameter can be measured with a tape or stagger gauge. The beauty of this device is that you don't have to mount up all your tires on wheels to measure stagger, which can save a race team time that they may not have in a thrash. The device racer nets for around a grand and can also be used to quickly inflate tires to check them for leaks.





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