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Performance Racing Industry

April 2006 Edition

Mel Kluhsman of Kluhsman Racing Components in Lockwood, Missouri, has developed a new Practice Wheel to speed up the process, saving teams precious time by eliminating the gluing and ungluing part.
"The teams do practice sessions about three times a week, and they'll probably do eight to ten pit stops per practice," said Kluhsman, who introduced the time-saving Teflon-coated lug nuts last season. "They have to glue up all their lug nuts hours in advance. They may glue up to 40 or 50 wheels. With our new pit stop wheel, they don't have to glue up wheels because these nuts are already captivated on the wheel. It saves them time on gluing and it also saves them time on cleanup because after they've knocked those nuts offf the wheels they've got to take a wire brush and clean all the glue off the wheels and the nuts. It takes a lot of time."
"With this practice wheel, the nuts don't fly off," added Kluhsman, who also offers wheel checkers along with 16 different types of lug nuts. "They can hit this probably ten more times than they could do it the other way. When they're practicing and warming up, the nuts never fly off, so they can go on/off, on/off, on/off and they don't lose any time. This will also increase their accuracy on race day. You have to hit the nuts straight for them to go on. We're here to save the racers money. Our goal is to extend the life of their components, reduce the workload at the track, and develop products that allow them to perform their job faster and keep them safer."






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