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See the Tire Stagger Dyno Demonstration
(Quicktime video 2.9 MB)

Tires can not be mounted to use this product.

KRC-8500, 15" Tire Stagger Dyno


-Does not mount on Rim to use.


-Start Chassis setup with proper tire stagger.

KRC-8500 Tire Stagger Dyno

-Make minimum chassis adjustment.

Tire Stagger Dyno fits 15" RIM, 8"-18" width

-Measure tires before you buy them.

(Circle Track)

-Record pressure setting with tire diameters.


-Measure diameter without mounting on rim.


-Inflate/Deflate in less than 1 minute.



KRC-8400 Tire Stagger Dyno


Tire Stagger Dyno fits 13" RIM, 8"-13" width






-Measure 8" to 18" tires by adjustable sleeve.

KRC-8600 Tire Stagger Dyno

-Tire can be spun to speed use of stagger tape.

Fits 16" RIM, 8"-18" width

-Light weight machine weighs approximately 34 pounds.

(Drag Racing)

-Measure tire at different PSI for proper stagger.


-Glow in the dark gauge for low light pit area.





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